Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I moved.

I moved.

I've never really liked my URL, and finally decided to transfer the whole blog over to a new one. Hooray! And it's also a little bit sad, since I can't transfer my followers with me. Anyway, I've over HERE now.

Now my blog name and my blog URL have much more in common. I even made a new header and everything (although it is painfully obvious that I'm not any type of pro).

There won't be anymore new material over here, although I do plan on leaving this little note up for a little while so people can use it to redirect.

Thanks for reading and stay classy!

PS-If you've come from Pinterest looking for bread sticks or anything else, those posts still exist on the new blog. Just go there and search using the little sidebar. Or you could go HERE to my Pinterest board that has the pins linked to my new blog. 


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